HAVEN Hero Gala 2017

On May 5th, 2017 HAVEN of Oakland County will celebrate the stories of true heroes: Survivors of domestic violence and those who empower them.

This signature “Hero Gala” will be a glamorous, fun-filled evening that incorporates a seated dinner, silent & live auction, entertainment, inspirational speakers and an exciting afterglow event with live entertainment.

Visionary Sound Productions is honored to be one of nearly 45 Sponsors of this amazing event and a proud supporter for the last 4 years.

If you are interested in supporting HAVEN and/or would like to attend the Hero Gala, CLICK HERE to Purchase Your Tickets for this amazing signature gala.

We look forward to seeing you their.

-Aaron Barris, President / Production Designer of Visionary Sound Productions LLC


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Ultraviolet A / UVA

Ultraviolet A, also known as UVA or Blacklight is used often in the Entertainment World.  The neat thing about UVA is that people cannot perceive UV directly since the lens of the eye blocks most radiation in the wavelength range of 300–400 nm, typical and professional UV fixture operate between 360-750 nm, which is why your eyes can’t actually see the light output from the fixture.

What you see glowing under a blacklight, whether on a neon poster, an invisible hand stamp or a newly washed white T-shirt, are phosphors.  A phosphor is any substance that emits visible light in response to some sort of radiation. A phosphor converts the energy in the UV radiation from a blacklight into visible light that you see glowing.

Here are a recent event, that utilized 6 UV Fixture to achieve an even glow amongst students at LHS.  The students also applied neon tape in abstract shape for added texture and unique looks.

To consider adding UV Wash Fixtures to your next event contact us at 248-762-2898 for more information.

Neon Abstract Shapes Created by the Students at LHS.

High School Glow-Out with Moving Lights

High School Glow-Out

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1,872,000 Individual Pixels Have Arrived (AKA: LED Video Wall)

Your Turn-Key Solution for LED Video Wall Rentals is just a phone call away.

  • Unique or Conventional Set-Up Configurations
  • Seamless
  • Stunning Clarity
  • HD
  • Redundant Back-Up Processing

Call Aaron Today for More Information and Booking Availability. 248-762-2898

eMag4 LED Wall In a Stage Arch Design Featuring a Red/Orange Effect

eMag4 LED Wall in a Stage Arch Design Featuring a Red/Orange Effect

10' x 4' LED Wall Design Featuring Shadow Dancing Graphics

10′ x 4′ LED Wall Design Featuring Shadow Dancing Graphics

eMag4 LED Wall In a Stage Arch Design

eMag4 LED Wall In a Stage Arch Design Featuring a Blue Star Burst Effect


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UMatter #SpeakUp #ReachOut

Special thank you to Friendship Circle @ the UMatter board for having VSP apart of uMatter’s first conference and speaking engagement.

UMatter is a teen driven initiative within the Friendship Circle family with the goal to help teens struggling with isolation and other tough life situations by providing a forum for topical discussions, facilitating life-saving trainings and providing an opportunity for our teens to help their peers.

VSP was contracted to provide Audio for this motivational & powerful event.


FOH View

FOH View

Audio Reinforcement

Audio Reinforcement



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648,960 Pixels

648,960 Pixels are nearly ready for your next event in 2017!  Can you guess what this exciting new production element is?  Avaiable as of February 1, 2017.


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DIA Gala Grandiosa, a Sucess.

Did you know the Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most iconic buildings in Detroit?

It’s also rated as the 6th top museum in the United States.

Anyway, with approximately 8 billion dollars of art within this massive museum, extreme care is a must when working in and around these important art galleries loaded with art treasures from around the world.

Now, I’m proud and honored to share with you, in just 3 short nights, the amazing VSP team magically turned ten art galleries along with the building facade into an eye catching theatrical and dramatic experience for all the Gala Grandiosa attendees, all without a single issue.

Guests at the gala experienced the magic of Spain. Each enjoyed sensory feasts, lush gardens, flamenco, the running of the bulls, rolling fields, fiestas, nightclubs and much much more.

Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Forte Belanger & Display Group for entrusting Visionary Sound Productions to do all the lighting, sound & video at the DIA’s Gala Grandiosa! We loved working with you and your excellent team to help make this a truly memorable event for all.

THANK YOU to the crew of VSP……Brandon, Ben, Dave, Brett, Amy, Rick, Valerie and Shawn for all their long hours & dedication to help to make this all possible.  First In and Last Out.

Great Hall

Main Dining Hall also known as “Great Hall”.  Creating soft and slow movement using texture and color to create an elegant dining experience. Biggest Challenge is not being able to rig production elements and keeping UV Rays away. This was accomplished by using 90% LED Based Fixtures. (Yes, the Moving Lights are LED Driven)


Riveria Court was also a Dining Room but with a darker theme for different tiered guests. Space was bathed in Pure Reds, with added movement & texture for the ceiling elements. Biggest Challenge is knowing the room is a work of art. so extra care is taken to insure the art is safe with large ballets for trussing towers.

First portion of the event that guests walk into. Enhancing all the decor elements with lighting and audible effects. This was accomplished by hiding compact speakers within the decor using “water running down a stream” effects.  Biggest challenge is finding the balance between theatrical and general comfort lighting.

Building Facade

The Main Entrance to the DIA off Woodward Avenue…(Used as the exit for guests) was also an important aspect of this gala. This was the last portion that guests would see when departing. Our client choose the colors and we turned facade Red. Biggest Challenge is not being able to refocus the existing lighting so there are a few darker spots.

First portion of the event that guests walk into for the After Glow. Enhancing all the decor elements with lighting and audible effects. Lighting was modified to showcase the evening after-glow guests are entering a much more upscale party. Challenge…short turn around time between dinner and after glow guests.

Running of the Bulls, after Glow

Kresge Court, was the center of attention for Salvador Salort-Pons (Director) presentation. Biggest Challenge is working in a brick room with high glass ceilings. Speaker placement and monitor placement was key throughout the lower level of the museums event spaces so ALL Patrons could clearly see and hear Salvador’s presentation and invite to the dining spaces. Display Group custom manufactured a full size bull which had a backdrop of a bull and a matador in a tasteful but artsy video loop projected directly onto a brick wall.

Prentis Court was home to the Mega-Bar for Cocktail hour and the after-glow. Color rendering was key for Cocktail hour as specific pantone colors were required by the client. This was accomplished using a 4 different styles of fixtures to achieve two completely different looks for two segments of the event, but without modifying or moving equipment. (Photo shown is the early stages of the afterglow)

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“This was the best night of my life”

Taking Homecoming Dances to the next level is something that we love to do in October. When we receive comments from administrative staff below we are always very humbled!!
“Aaron, just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with the setup and execution of our dance……Jen and I heard literally zero complaints about the dance, and many students made unsolicited comments to us like “This was the best night of my life” and “This is the best Homecoming dance during my 4 years here.”
Thanks again for everything….” Jeff – BHS
This years production design was originalted  from the ground up, with pre-production renderings to a nearly exact replica in the real world.

A Special Thanks to VSP’s Crew for all their hard work and of course our client for years of continued trust!

To make your Homecoming Extra Special, Call Aaron today at 248-762-2898.

BHS Homecoming 2016

BHS Homecoming 2016

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FOH National Mitzvah Showtime Feature

FOH Magazine (Front of House) June 2016 issue, VSP & Luke’s Bar Mitzvah has been selected for a featured “Showtime” slot, in one of the most recognizable national event production publications in the industry.

Only 6 Showtime listings are chosen each month, so to be featured is an honor.  Again, Special thanks to Mood Events, who has trusted us to take their ideas and turn them into unique, fresh, over-the-top productions.  Also a Thank You to the entire production team that helped make this event possible.

For more information and to take your event to the next level (and possibly featured in multiple National Publication) please call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

A Direct link to the online Magazine can be found here, on Page 34FOH JUNE 2016 ST VSP

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Live Event Video vs. Home Video

IMG_3103 IMG_3097In your home or office, you most likely have a cable provider or a satellite dish that comes from an outside hub, goes into a cable box or satellite box near your TV, which then wires directly to your TV.  Simple right?… magic now you have Television. (Maybe after a few service calls with the carrier too.)

Live Event Video Projection is not plug and play like your home or office…Lets go further in depth.

In the Live Event Industry, there is the simple way for very basic presentations.  With very basic knowledge, one can project a logo or basic single source presentation onto a screen. The most obvious is using a laptop computer as the source, connected directly to a projector.  Quick, simple and effective!

Now what happens when you have 2 laptops, 3 logos, 2 video rolls & 2 cameras?  This is where hiring a professional event production company comes into play.   Video is tricky to an untrained person or company.  Guests deserve to watch a presentation at an event in HD (High Definition) as if they are sitting in their living room watching TV.  HD Widescreen 16:9 format is what you are used to viewing.

Using only professional and reliable brand video products to ensure a seamless HD video presentation for your event is a MUST.  VSP currently offers all HD video elements, including screens, projectors and processing equipment with the ability to increase to the new 4K Resoloution in the very near future.  To inquire about your next project or to ask a question on anything technical, call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

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Lighting is Critical

What is one of the most crucially important aspects of an event?

Getting the lighting right – the right lighting is one of the key elements for ambiance, mood & scenic displays for any event type.  The right lighting will set the desired tone, mood and carry on a theme from start to finish.  From enormous corporate productions with one presentation, down to a wedding or mitzvah with extremely modest budgets.  Lighting is Critical.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most common areas of lighting for you to consider when sourcing lighting equipment and services.

“MOVING LIGHTS”- With endless options to choose from, moving lights are some of the most widely used fixtures to create the perfect ambiance. Beams, Washes, Spots & Panels are the main styles of moving lights. Beams assist in creating the sharp stage look and arial effect, Washes are used to bathe an area in color, spots are used for image projection, texture, or a specific focal point, and Panels are often used for added eye candy or special effects. When used together, the designs are endless.

UP-LIGHTING—99% of the time fixtures that are placed at ground level and are highlighting a wall, drape panel or object is called “up-lighting.”  Todays fixtures are able to create some of the most unique colors ever scene in lighting. RGBAW+UV (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & Ultra Violet) Fixtures have 6 LED color options within a single Diode that have the ability to create infinite colors.

PAR STYLE LIGHTING -YES, aluminum par 56/64 cans are still used today, as with many conventional lighting instruments however, they are hardly used since LED Style par cans have taken over. Fixtures like pars, conventional or LED, are used to focus on a specific area or scenic display by producing a focused but variable light source.  Conventional Par 56/64 cans are still widely used for outdoor application due to their absents of electronics.

Next time you attend a concert, theater show, go attend a private event or even watch an award show in your home. Take a minute to pause and look around at the lighting elements and think about how the lighting can be incorporated into your next event. The possibilities are endless! For general lighting questions, or help on determining a fixture type or style that is suited best for a specific event, call Aaron @ 248-762-2898 and he would be happy to answer.Tent Lighting Design

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