“This was the best night of my life”

Taking Homecoming Dances to the next level is something that we love to do in October. When we receive comments from administrative staff below we are always very humbled!!
“Aaron, just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job with the setup and execution of our dance……Jen and I heard literally zero complaints about the dance, and many students made unsolicited comments to us like “This was the best night of my life” and “This is the best Homecoming dance during my 4 years here.”
Thanks again for everything….” Jeff – BHS
This years production design was originalted  from the ground up, with pre-production renderings to a nearly exact replica in the real world.

A Special Thanks to VSP’s Crew for all their hard work and of course our client for years of continued trust!

To make your Homecoming Extra Special, Call Aaron today at 248-762-2898.

BHS Homecoming 2016

BHS Homecoming 2016

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FOH National Mitzvah Showtime Feature

FOH Magazine (Front of House) June 2016 issue, VSP & Luke’s Bar Mitzvah has been selected for a featured “Showtime” slot, in one of the most recognizable national event production publications in the industry.

Only 6 Showtime listings are chosen each month, so to be featured is an honor.  Again, Special thanks to Mood Events, who has trusted us to take their ideas and turn them into unique, fresh, over-the-top productions.  Also a Thank You to the entire production team that helped make this event possible.

For more information and to take your event to the next level (and possibly featured in multiple National Publication) please call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

A Direct link to the online Magazine can be found here, on Page 34FOH JUNE 2016 ST VSP

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Live Event Video vs. Home Video

IMG_3103 IMG_3097In your home or office, you most likely have a cable provider or a satellite dish that comes from an outside hub, goes into a cable box or satellite box near your TV, which then wires directly to your TV.  Simple right?… magic now you have Television. (Maybe after a few service calls with the carrier too.)

Live Event Video Projection is not plug and play like your home or office…Lets go further in depth.

In the Live Event Industry, there is the simple way for very basic presentations.  With very basic knowledge, one can project a logo or basic single source presentation onto a screen. The most obvious is using a laptop computer as the source, connected directly to a projector.  Quick, simple and effective!

Now what happens when you have 2 laptops, 3 logos, 2 video rolls & 2 cameras?  This is where hiring a professional event production company comes into play.   Video is tricky to an untrained person or company.  Guests deserve to watch a presentation at an event in HD (High Definition) as if they are sitting in their living room watching TV.  HD Widescreen 16:9 format is what you are used to viewing.

Using only professional and reliable brand video products to ensure a seamless HD video presentation for your event is a MUST.  VSP currently offers all HD video elements, including screens, projectors and processing equipment with the ability to increase to the new 4K Resoloution in the very near future.  To inquire about your next project or to ask a question on anything technical, call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

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Lighting is Critical

What is one of the most crucially important aspects of an event?

Getting the lighting right – the right lighting is one of the key elements for ambiance, mood & scenic displays for any event type.  The right lighting will set the desired tone, mood and carry on a theme from start to finish.  From enormous corporate productions with one presentation, down to a wedding or mitzvah with extremely modest budgets.  Lighting is Critical.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most common areas of lighting for you to consider when sourcing lighting equipment and services.

“MOVING LIGHTS”- With endless options to choose from, moving lights are some of the most widely used fixtures to create the perfect ambiance. Beams, Washes, Spots & Panels are the main styles of moving lights. Beams assist in creating the sharp stage look and arial effect, Washes are used to bathe an area in color, spots are used for image projection, texture, or a specific focal point, and Panels are often used for added eye candy or special effects. When used together, the designs are endless.

UP-LIGHTING—99% of the time fixtures that are placed at ground level and are highlighting a wall, drape panel or object is called “up-lighting.”  Todays fixtures are able to create some of the most unique colors ever scene in lighting. RGBAW+UV (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & Ultra Violet) Fixtures have 6 LED color options within a single Diode that have the ability to create infinite colors.

PAR STYLE LIGHTING -YES, aluminum par 56/64 cans are still used today, as with many conventional lighting instruments however, they are hardly used since LED Style par cans have taken over. Fixtures like pars, conventional or LED, are used to focus on a specific area or scenic display by producing a focused but variable light source.  Conventional Par 56/64 cans are still widely used for outdoor application due to their absents of electronics.

Next time you attend a concert, theater show, go attend a private event or even watch an award show in your home. Take a minute to pause and look around at the lighting elements and think about how the lighting can be incorporated into your next event. The possibilities are endless! For general lighting questions, or help on determining a fixture type or style that is suited best for a specific event, call Aaron @ 248-762-2898 and he would be happy to answer.Tent Lighting Design

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Do you work in the Event industry?  Then you know that you cannot produce events by yourself.  Just between the lighting, sound, video production, staging design and overall production design elements – it’s all too much to handle alone.   So where is the fine line between design concepts, time management and overpaying in your technical production costs?

We believe the key is the difference between the execution and the managing – here are three reasons to consider sourcing a full-service lighting, sound, video production, staging design and overall production design company like Visionary Sound Productions LLC for your future events:

1. HARMONIOUS – When one company brings white colored gear, and another brings black or one company bring moving lights for the band and the other brings moving lights for the venue- you’ve got yourself a huge design issue.  Events are always happening and so is the attention to detail as well as the guests levels of expectation.  By hiring one production company to perfectly handle your technical event needs, you as the planner, coordinator and main go-to for the client can concisely dictate your expectations and go greater distances.

2. DOLLARS – Think about your costs when sourcing audio, video, and lighting equipment from 3-4 separate vendors. The charges add up when you consider labor and trucking fees between three different companies, along with all their different costs for a project.

3. TIME MANAGEMENT – Consider the communication with all of your vendors and the complexities behind the overall design concept, load-in and strike times, venue restrictions, power distribution, rigging and all the questions that are associated with any event.  By sourcing fewer production companies for events, you’ll be able to streamline your communication, save more time for managerial aspects of the entire event, and spend less time on your computer and cell phone.


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360 Degree White Dance Floor

Have you ever had the chance to dance on a Round White Dance Floor?  Have you ever seen a Round White Dance Floor before?  I’m guessing you answered no to one or both questions.  Why is that you ask?  Probably because, until now, it was non existent in the State of Michigan.

In early 2015, VSP purchased a brand new 24′ Diameter Round White Dance Floor with lots of versatility for your next special event.

What makes this dance floor so unique is the option to create different shape dance floors, in addition to the true 24′ diameter round white dance floor.  This includes the traditional square dance floor, unique ovals and other designs.

In addition to the white dance floor we also purchased VERSA-FLOOR panels.  Basically these are individual dance floor panels with a unique feature…a clear top panel with space in-between for artwork, logos, graphics, hand drawings, color panels etc.  With just a few of these panels you can completely personalize this amazing dance floor for your next event.

If you would like more information, pricing details or availability on this Round White Dance Floor along with Lighting, Sound, Video, Staging and Design Services then call Aaron at 248-762-2898.

CLICK HERE: RoundWhiteDanceFloor



24' Round White Dance Floor with Silver Trim

Round White Dance Floor


28′ x 28′ Radius Square White Dance Floor

24' Round White Dance Floor

24′ Round White Dance Floor

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Theatrical Wedding Trailer

This past August VSP was hired to provide phenomenal Theatrical Lighting & a White Oval Dance Floor for a very special Wedding on Mullet Lake.  Below is the Theatrical Wedding Trailer of Caroline & Brian’s Wedding that was produced and edited by Coastline Studios.

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Homecoming 2015

Some school dances have come a LONG way over the years.  This year VSP had the privilege of providing unique designs for a few local area schools.  Each school dance below had over 60 LED Wash, Beam, Spot & Fixtures to create unique looks that VSP operated throughout the dance.  Audio was also deployed so students could hear clearly and feel the thump of todays music.  Creative backdrops, which incorporate themes & solid black drape walls were also utilized to creates the illusion of a small, fun and endless space.

Each design below was specifically designed for the space, student count and something that the students would be able to look back upon later in life, and say “Our School had an amazing and energetic dance.  Something unique, that I’v never seen before.”

To take your High School Dance to the next level.  Call Aaron @ 248-762-2898 for a consultation.

DJ Front & Center

DJ “In-The-Round” Design

Truss System with a Center Circle

Truss System with a Center Circle

Truss System with a Center Circle, View B

Truss System with a Center Circle, View B

Parallel Truss Runs

Parallel Truss Runs

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Sound & Back-line

Thank You to “Northstar”  an Elan Artist’s, Variety Dance Band in trusting VSP to provide a 1st Class Experience this past weekend.  VSP deployed its ISP Technologies Mongoose System stacked upon Quad 15″ Subwoofers for superior clarity and fidelity.  Since VSP provided all the Back-Line equipment, once the band arrived and after a fast 30 minute sound check, the band was set to entertain for 4 hours non-stop.

If you are interested in taking your Band or Event to the next level then call us today to discuss your needed, 248-762-2898 or Aaron@VisionarySoundProductions.com

Northstar Band



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Another SHOWTIME Feature with Launch Showcase

To our surprise, when looking thru PLSN (Projection, Lights & Staging News) August 2015  issue, VSP & Launch Showcase has been selected for a featured “Showtime” slot, of one of the most recognizable national event production publications in the industry.

This is the 6th time VSP has been featured in PLSN.   Only 6 Showtime listings are chosen each month, so to be featured is an honor, especially as we are celebrating our 10th Year in Business.

Again, Special thanks to Launch Showcase who has trusted us to take their ideas and turn them into unique, fresh, over-the-top productions for the past 10 showcases.  Also a Thank You to the entire production team that helped make this event possible.

For more information and to take your event to the next level (and possibly featured in multiple National Publication) please call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

Direct Link for the Online Featured Showtime Listing

August 2015 Showtime Featuring Visionary Sound Productions LLC and Launch Showcase

August 2015 Showtime Featuring Visionary Sound Productions LLC and Launch Showcase

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