Self Climbing Truss Towers

We are happy to announce that the addition of our new Self-Climbing Truss Towers have made a fantastic impact on some local and out of town events.

Self Climbing towers become very practical within venues where rigging is not possible. This is accomplished using Tower Truss, Head Blocks, Carriers and Chain Motors or Chain Fall.

On a technical note: Tower Truss is 100% DIFFERENT from Standard Truss. Tower Truss is specifically designed to handle 5600lbs of Arial Load and 5600lbs of Flexural Load (also known as Bending Stress), which is 100% greater then standard Box Truss. Why; because standard box truss does not have an Arial Load rating, only a horizontal load rating.

Below are some recent events where our self-climbing truss tower systems were deployed.

For more information or to inquire about an event please contact us directly. 248-762-2898.

Truss Goal Post w/ Self Climbing Truss Towers.
Carrying Audio, Lighting & Video elements.
Self Climbing Truss Towers @ the 1/2 Way Point.
Carrying Audio, Lighting & Video elements.
Self Climbing Truss Tower Fully Deployed for an Event
Carrying Lighting & Video elements.

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“Living Art” Hopes and Dreams

This past Saturday the Detroit Children’s Fund held their 3rd Annual Dinner Gala at the historic State Savings Bank in Downtown Detroit. Raising millions which will help K-12 public schools improve in the city of Detroit.

“Living Art” was the clients vision, in a portrait like setting where the Students speak their “Hopes and Dreams.” As you’ll see within the photos below, the walls are “Living Art”. In order the achieve superior clarity we deployed Christie 14K HD Projectors along with using control software for all the content containing the nearly 160 playback cues.

Audio was 100% hidden to keep with the “Gallery” feel of the space. Once the “Living Art” came to life audio was directed to a specific quadrant within the space so guests were actually listening from the same location as the “Living Art.”

Lighting was achieved with a mixture of Wash, Spot and Ellipsoidal Fixtures, creating the starry night look which resembled the invite to the Gala.

A Special Thank You to the Detroit Children’s Fund for your Trust in making your visions come to life.


  • Content Creation: Push Media, Ferndale
  • Decor, Tables, Design, Plots: Event Theory, Warren
  • Initial Concepts: DCF Team, Detroit
Panoramic Dining Room
Starry Night Sky
After-Glow Space
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VSP joins the “Event Safety Alliance”

VSP joined the ESA “Event Safety Alliance.” The ESA is a non-profit membership driven organization dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution. ESA’s mission is to help event professionals and our guests be

Empowered, Safe, and Aware of the reasonably foreseeable risks around them.

Of the currently 507 worldwide members, only 7 members are currently within Michigan and we are proud to have joined the mission.

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Projection, Lights and Staging News, Showtime Feature

As seen in the 2019 April edition of the Nation Publication “PLSN, Projection, Lights & Staging News.” Brighton High School’s Homecoming Dance is showcased in the Showtime section along with VSP as the provider.

Only 66 events are featured in the Showtime section each year nationally, so we are honored to have now had Brighton High School’s Homecoming Dance Featured in PLSN and also in FOH back in February.

Below is the direct link to the online feature. Click Here

Thank You Brighton High School for your continued trust to make your visions come to life.

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Front of House SHOWTime

Visionary Sound Productions and Brighton High School, Featured in the Showtime Section of Front of House

As seen in the 2019 February edition of the Nation Publication “Front of House.” Brighton High School’s Homecoming Dance is showcased in the Showtime section along with us as the provider. Technically the dance took place October of 2018.

For the 2018 dance we deployed our ISP Technologies line array system, consisting of 14 total boxes (2 hangs of 7 Boxes) along with 4 ISP Technologies XMAX415 Quad 15″ Subwoofers. This system was easily able to produce comfortable sound levels and extreme clarity for the nearly 1,700 students attending the dance.

VSP is proud to carry ISP Technologies Pro Audio Speakers, made right here in Metro Detroit. Today we carry enough audio for events ranging from 25 to 10,000 Guests, all backed by the local manufacture.

Only 66 events are featured in the Showtime section each year nationally, so we are honored to have been featured again. Below is the direct link to the online feature. Click Here

Thank You Brighton High School for your continued trust to make your visions come to life.

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As almost everyone knows, Super Bowl XLLL was this past Sunday. What you may not know is that VSP was honored to be part of a private event in ATL for the weekend of “ATLSB53”

Since this was a fortune 500 company, all system controllers were backed up by redundant systems to ensure a seamless event for the 4 days. Lighting had 2 consoles operating at all times using the ETC network. Should a console fail, the backup console would take over ensuring all lighting cues remained the same. Video playback was completed using Mac based theatrical software, running on two separate computers one as a main, the other as a backup running simultaneously. Content playback was rehearsed for nearly two day ensuring a seamless run of show. Audio consisted of a second console on stand-by, since redundant networking of audio is not currently available.

Many of the production elements are hidden including all the tower lighting elements. Each tower cube was deployed with a separate fixture using a glare shield to prevent the light from showing on the cubes above and below. The end result was each cube having complete individual color control.

A Special Thank You to our client Event Theory for not only trusting in us to provide an amazing production for the client, but also for handling all the logistics & trucking of our equipment. All decor elements, furniture and displays were provided by Event Theory of Warren. Also a Thank You to the VSP team Ben and Tony for all their hard work before and during the event.

To take your event to the next level contact us today. 248-762-2898

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It’s Fitness Time

VSP was honored to be apart of Equinox’s brand new luxury fitness center of Bloomfield Hills, grand opening. Just three weeks ago Detroit Cultivated contacted VSP to provide lighting and audio services for Equinox’s grand opening celebration.  Due to the venue being under construction with all the finishing touches being completed and the fitness center being opened the next day for business, there was a lot of activity going on from the time we arrived until we departed.  Extra care was taken during the load-in, including floor protection, steel protection for rigging elements and extra caution around all the new glass.

We deployed our ISP Technologies line array sound system for the space which was a perfect fit.  The pool area created an audio challenge since it was nearly 200′ away in a separate location within the fitness center.   With VSP on-site and the Equinox audio team finishing up their fine-tuning, we worked together to insure guest were hearing the same audio signal the DJ was sending.

Lighting was accomplished using an Elation Professional rig due to their versitle fixtures.  These fixtures were able to create the super soft color pallet our clients wanted to see so we could bathe the venue specifically to their requests.  The pool lighting was accomplished using LED brick style fixtures with a diffusion lens and glare shield.  The glare shield keep the light output from blinding guests as they visited the pool area while keeping the focus on the large letters and the space as a whole.  The main event was a 3 minute and 30 second choreographed performance, during which time all the lighting was played back with a cue to cue light show for added energy and to showcase the Equinox brand.

Thank you to Detroit Cultivated for the continued trust and business over the years and to the Equinox team for having us apart of this very special grand opening celebration.

  Pool Lighting of “DIVE IN” Letters

Just before the Grand Opening as the sun goes down.

Day Prior Installation

A View From the Stage


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A Team Project

The DIA is one of the most respected museums in the United States, with over 100 Galleries and estimated at $8.5 billion in artwork.  So when VSP was contracted once again to provide services for their Annual Gala “Splendors or India and Asia”, we were honored.

As guests registered, they were immersed with the sights and sounds of what was to come as guests made their way to the event spaces.  Hidden speakers provided an ambient sound track of the countries, while lighting bathed the space in deep magentas.

Each guest dined in a specific dining room based on their tier level, featuring multi-course meals by Forte Belanger.  Each space had a different design concept which was created by using Decor elements, Lighting, Audio and other design elements.

Following the dining experience, guest were relocated to the after-glow with rhythms from a DJ flown in from Mumbai.   With the street like atmosphere, guests danced the night away under the colors of moving lights.

This was a huge team project by multiple companies including:  Detroit Cultivated, Event Theory, Forte Belanger, Dawn Owen Designs, Prashe Decor, Detroit Institute of Arts, & Visionary Sound Productions.

Dining Area Lighting Design

Elephant Lighting Design

Dining Area Lighting Design

Dining Area Lighting Design

After-Glow Event Space

Check-In Tent Lighting Design

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

Sponsored By:

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Mega Tent Lighting Design

Tents are amazing to create a unique lighting design in.  A huge blank white canvas with nearly endless possibilities.  Utilizing nearly 40 moving lights and 60 LED fixtures this white tent canvas came to life in mid September.  Truss was disguised using white spandex which once completed actually looked like part of the tent structure.

To take your events to new heights, contact Aaron @ 248-762-2898 to discuss your Lighting, Sound, Video & Staging elements for your upcoming events.

Pole Tent Lighting – Install

Pole Tent Lighting – Pre-Test

Pole Tent Lighting Pink Lighting Design

Pole Tent Lighting, Blue & Pink Design


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Walk4Friendship 2018

This Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 is the annual Walk4Friendship in West Bloomfield.  Please take a moment to register or donate TODAY.  Walk4Friendship is an annual family walk that raises crucial funds and community awareness for Friendship Circle and individuals with special needs. Please join in promoting an inclusive community that welcomes and nurtures all individuals regardless of their abilities.

VSP is one of many proud corporate sponsors of the Friendship Circle…we hope to see you at the walk!

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