Wedding Lighting Lingo

Are you sometimes confused when it comes to lighting lingo and what it means?  Every area within the country has a slightly different term for different aspects of lighting but this post is going to focus mainly on wedding lighting lingo.

GOBO:  I get asked this all the time; what exactly is a GOBO and where does the word come from?  The word GOBO is actually an acronym meaning “GOes Before Optics.”  A GOBO is a circular steel stencil or Full Color Glass image that is put over a light to project a design or pattern. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or any other wedding graphic. The most popular and cost effective form of a GOBO is stamped out of steel, while a more intricate design must be laser etched out of stainless steel or glass that can withstand high heat.

LED LIGHTING:  As technology advances so does lighting. LED, Short for “Light-Emitting Diodes” is becoming extremely popular.  LED Lighting is so popular for the following reasons; no heat, low power consumption, many fixtures are completely wireless, and the color options are practically endless.

PIN SPOT: The “Pin Spot” is an actual fixture type, not a lingo term.  Pin spotting, table lighting and centerpiece lighting, would be considered the lingo referring to the use of the “Pin Spot” Fixture.  The Pin Spot fixture produces an extremely narrow beam of light, which produces an amazing effect when highlighting a head table arrangement or wedding cake.

If there are any comments or if you would like us to focus on another topic please be sure to let us know.

Wedding Gobo Projection

GOBO Creation and Projection

LED Under Table Lighting

LED Under Table Lighting

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