2.75 Million Pixels of LED Video Wall Panels Deployed

Over the past three weeks, VSP has designed nearly 2.75 Million individual LED Diodes for two amazing events.  Lets take a look:

Milford Memories requested a video design that was self-contained, including live video playbacks and interactive commercials for their nearly 10,000 parsons attending the Beer Tent area for a two night span.  In order to combat the weather, VSP deployed one of its weatherproof LED Video Walls, supported amongst a 4 tower truss structure with over 1500lbs of counterweight. Thru wind and rain the structure was a perfect design for the festival.  During the evening hours, a live multi-camera video feed was streamed to the screen for guests outside to feel apart of the atmosphere.

Fash Bash 2017, a client for multiple years, wanted to try something new.  In order for the nearly 675 guests to view the fashion show that took place in multiple galleries of the DIA, VSP deployed 2 indoor LED Video Walls for Fashion Show guests to view, along with  6 delay monitors for guest viewing throughout the lower level of the DIA.  The screens needed to be a comfortable size for guests to view, but also for models to walk under during the show.  Video content included a live multi-camera video shoot, custom animated graphics along with video B-Roll and sponsor logos.

Throughout both event, all the video processing, switching and communication was 100% behind the scenes in self contained control spaces hidden from guests.  This allowed for the Technical Director to Communicated to the Camera Operators and Switcher Operator without disrupting guests and taking up valuable real estate.

For more information on LED Video Wall Rentals and 100% complete production services, contact Aaron today at 248-762-2898.

7×4 Outdoor LED Video Wall deployed for Milford Memories.

7×4 Outdoor LED Video Wall deployed within a 4 legged truss structure.

LED Video Wall Package with HD Crystal Clear Images.

A Rear look of our suspended LED Video Wall

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