Custom Decal & Dance Floor

Still looking for that Custom Decal and/or Unique Dance Floor for your next event?  With this unique transfer technique we can take your logo or monogram (we can also create one for you) and install it directly onto our dance floor.  Looking for that Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, unique holographic or metal design dance floor?  Choose from over 50 different styles, colors and variations.

Looking to try something new?  Consider a Round, 1/2 Moon or Oval Dance Floor!  VSP is the only company in the tri-state area offering a round styled dance floor.

VSP offers one of the cleanest and most pristine dance floor in Metro Detroit.  For each dance floor rental, the floor is machine scrubbed, sanitized and lightly re-polished for that perfect satin shine.

To inquire or request a booking call 248-762-2898 and Ask for Aaron.

Round White Dance Floor

White Dance Floor with Custom Decal

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