DIA Gala Grandiosa, a Sucess.

Did you know the Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most iconic buildings in Detroit?

It’s also rated as the 6th top museum in the United States.

Anyway, with approximately 8 billion dollars of art within this massive museum, extreme care is a must when working in and around these important art galleries loaded with art treasures from around the world.

Now, I’m proud and honored to share with you, in just 3 short nights, the amazing VSP team magically turned ten art galleries along with the building facade into an eye catching theatrical and dramatic experience for all the Gala Grandiosa attendees, all without a single issue.

Guests at the gala experienced the magic of Spain. Each enjoyed sensory feasts, lush gardens, flamenco, the running of the bulls, rolling fields, fiestas, nightclubs and much much more.

Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Forte Belanger & Display Group for entrusting Visionary Sound Productions to do all the lighting, sound & video at the DIA’s Gala Grandiosa! We loved working with you and your excellent team to help make this a truly memorable event for all.

THANK YOU to the crew of VSP……Brandon, Ben, Dave, Brett, Amy, Rick, Valerie and Shawn for all their long hours & dedication to help to make this all possible.  First In and Last Out.

Great Hall

Main Dining Hall also known as “Great Hall”.  Creating soft and slow movement using texture and color to create an elegant dining experience. Biggest Challenge is not being able to rig production elements and keeping UV Rays away. This was accomplished by using 90% LED Based Fixtures. (Yes, the Moving Lights are LED Driven)


Riveria Court was also a Dining Room but with a darker theme for different tiered guests. Space was bathed in Pure Reds, with added movement & texture for the ceiling elements. Biggest Challenge is knowing the room is a work of art. so extra care is taken to insure the art is safe with large ballets for trussing towers.

First portion of the event that guests walk into. Enhancing all the decor elements with lighting and audible effects. This was accomplished by hiding compact speakers within the decor using “water running down a stream” effects.  Biggest challenge is finding the balance between theatrical and general comfort lighting.

Building Facade

The Main Entrance to the DIA off Woodward Avenue…(Used as the exit for guests) was also an important aspect of this gala. This was the last portion that guests would see when departing. Our client choose the colors and we turned facade Red. Biggest Challenge is not being able to refocus the existing lighting so there are a few darker spots.

First portion of the event that guests walk into for the After Glow. Enhancing all the decor elements with lighting and audible effects. Lighting was modified to showcase the evening after-glow guests are entering a much more upscale party. Challenge…short turn around time between dinner and after glow guests.

Running of the Bulls, after Glow

Kresge Court, was the center of attention for Salvador Salort-Pons (Director) presentation. Biggest Challenge is working in a brick room with high glass ceilings. Speaker placement and monitor placement was key throughout the lower level of the museums event spaces so ALL Patrons could clearly see and hear Salvador’s presentation and invite to the dining spaces. Display Group custom manufactured a full size bull which had a backdrop of a bull and a matador in a tasteful but artsy video loop projected directly onto a brick wall.

Prentis Court was home to the Mega-Bar for Cocktail hour and the after-glow. Color rendering was key for Cocktail hour as specific pantone colors were required by the client. This was accomplished using a 4 different styles of fixtures to achieve two completely different looks for two segments of the event, but without modifying or moving equipment. (Photo shown is the early stages of the afterglow)

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