Do you work in the Event industry?  Then you know that you cannot produce events by yourself.  Just between the lighting, sound, video production, staging design and overall production design elements – it’s all too much to handle alone.   So where is the fine line between design concepts, time management and overpaying in your technical production costs?

We believe the key is the difference between the execution and the managing – here are three reasons to consider sourcing a full-service lighting, sound, video production, staging design and overall production design company like Visionary Sound Productions LLC for your future events:

1. HARMONIOUS – When one company brings white colored gear, and another brings black or one company bring moving lights for the band and the other brings moving lights for the venue- you’ve got yourself a huge design issue.  Events are always happening and so is the attention to detail as well as the guests levels of expectation.  By hiring one production company to perfectly handle your technical event needs, you as the planner, coordinator and main go-to for the client can concisely dictate your expectations and go greater distances.

2. DOLLARS – Think about your costs when sourcing audio, video, and lighting equipment from 3-4 separate vendors. The charges add up when you consider labor and trucking fees between three different companies, along with all their different costs for a project.

3. TIME MANAGEMENT – Consider the communication with all of your vendors and the complexities behind the overall design concept, load-in and strike times, venue restrictions, power distribution, rigging and all the questions that are associated with any event.  By sourcing fewer production companies for events, you’ll be able to streamline your communication, save more time for managerial aspects of the entire event, and spend less time on your computer and cell phone.


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