Homecoming Dance: Time-Lapse Recording

Ever wonder how a multi-day installation is set-up, operated and broken down in only 4 minutes?  Kinda a trick question, unless a speciality camera is utalized for the job.  We deployed our time-lapse camera throughout our installation of BHS’s Homecoming Dance, programmed to snap a photo every 30 seconds.  What you are about to see is a high school dance production installation from 3PM until 1AM and a continued installation from 2PM to 7PM along with the dance and break-down.  It’s fun to watch and set to a fantastic track….Enjoy!

Event: Brighton High School’s, Homecoming Dance 2017

Run-Time: 4 Minutes & 23 Seconds.

Music Credit: Red Lights by Tiesto


For Booking Information:  Call or Text Aaron @ 248-762-2898 or Aaron@VisionarySoundProductions.com

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