Lighting is Critical

What is one of the most crucially important aspects of an event?

Getting the lighting right – the right lighting is one of the key elements for ambiance, mood & scenic displays for any event type.  The right lighting will set the desired tone, mood and carry on a theme from start to finish.  From enormous corporate productions with one presentation, down to a wedding or mitzvah with extremely modest budgets.  Lighting is Critical.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most common areas of lighting for you to consider when sourcing lighting equipment and services.

“MOVING LIGHTS”- With endless options to choose from, moving lights are some of the most widely used fixtures to create the perfect ambiance. Beams, Washes, Spots & Panels are the main styles of moving lights. Beams assist in creating the sharp stage look and arial effect, Washes are used to bathe an area in color, spots are used for image projection, texture, or a specific focal point, and Panels are often used for added eye candy or special effects. When used together, the designs are endless.

UP-LIGHTING—99% of the time fixtures that are placed at ground level and are highlighting a wall, drape panel or object is called “up-lighting.”  Todays fixtures are able to create some of the most unique colors ever scene in lighting. RGBAW+UV (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White & Ultra Violet) Fixtures have 6 LED color options within a single Diode that have the ability to create infinite colors.

PAR STYLE LIGHTING -YES, aluminum par 56/64 cans are still used today, as with many conventional lighting instruments however, they are hardly used since LED Style par cans have taken over. Fixtures like pars, conventional or LED, are used to focus on a specific area or scenic display by producing a focused but variable light source.  Conventional Par 56/64 cans are still widely used for outdoor application due to their absents of electronics.

Next time you attend a concert, theater show, go attend a private event or even watch an award show in your home. Take a minute to pause and look around at the lighting elements and think about how the lighting can be incorporated into your next event. The possibilities are endless! For general lighting questions, or help on determining a fixture type or style that is suited best for a specific event, call Aaron @ 248-762-2898 and he would be happy to answer.Tent Lighting Design

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