Live Event Video vs. Home Video

IMG_3103 IMG_3097In your home or office, you most likely have a cable provider or a satellite dish that comes from an outside hub, goes into a cable box or satellite box near your TV, which then wires directly to your TV.  Simple right?… magic now you have Television. (Maybe after a few service calls with the carrier too.)

Live Event Video Projection is not plug and play like your home or office…Lets go further in depth.

In the Live Event Industry, there is the simple way for very basic presentations.  With very basic knowledge, one can project a logo or basic single source presentation onto a screen. The most obvious is using a laptop computer as the source, connected directly to a projector.  Quick, simple and effective!

Now what happens when you have 2 laptops, 3 logos, 2 video rolls & 2 cameras?  This is where hiring a professional event production company comes into play.   Video is tricky to an untrained person or company.  Guests deserve to watch a presentation at an event in HD (High Definition) as if they are sitting in their living room watching TV.  HD Widescreen 16:9 format is what you are used to viewing.

Using only professional and reliable brand video products to ensure a seamless HD video presentation for your event is a MUST.  VSP currently offers all HD video elements, including screens, projectors and processing equipment with the ability to increase to the new 4K Resoloution in the very near future.  To inquire about your next project or to ask a question on anything technical, call Aaron directly at 248-762-2898.

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