Sound for Everyone!

As you plan your next event, be sure to take a few minutes and think about sound.  Sound is something that most of us are used to at an event.  Typically the DJ or Band provides the sound for the entire event.  Which for some events is great, but for many events, a professional sound system is generally recommended.

Generally a DJ or Band will bring two speakers, place them left and right of the dance floor or stage, and call it a sound system.  Which it is.  But take a few extra minutes and think:

Will this sound system be of the quality that I want for my event?
Will everyone actually hear the same quality audio throughout the venue?
Will speeches be properly heard by every guest?  Including those behind the stage?
The speaker cabinets themselves;  Is the paint peeling, chipped and scratched?

Generally, a proper sound system will consist of 2 full range cabinets above 2 single 18″ sub-woofers for the mains.  Which is great for many events consisting of 75 to 200 guests.  Anything over 200 Guests, always be sure to ask yourself the above questions.  If your not sure, always consult with a local audio or production company.

“Without lighting its just radio, without sound….what” -Aaron L. Barris

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