Walk4Friendship 2017 Audio Design

The Sunday prior to Labor Day has been the annual Walk4Friendship, which is a community walk that raises crucial funds and awareness for the Friendship Circle – a nonprofit organization for individuals with special needs.  For the past four years, VSP has been honored and humbled to support the walk with nearly 5000 people in attendance.

This years created a few unique challenges, one is is having two nearly identical sound systems but for different applications.  Opening Ceremonies is an emotional ceremony that required audio clarity for the 15 minute presentation.  At this space we utilized our ISP Technologies 2208 Line Array System which provided the required clarity.

The Entertainment space at the Farber Center, is very unique, as the event takes place in a park lot in the shape of an “L”.  For this we incorporated the 2208 Line Array System in a back to back senerio, along with the ground stacked line array “The Mongoose” system for Delay Cabinets along the 350′ MidWay.  One of the challenges is power and cable paths, which were strung along the buildings facade to assure the safety of guests walking.

A thank you to the Farber Center, The Friendship Circle and the Walk4Friendship for continuing to utilize VSP for audio requirements.  We’ll see you in 2018!

For more information on the Walk4Friendship, please visit www.walk4friendship.com.

To take your event to the next level, please call Aaron @ 248-762-2898


Walk4Friendship 2017 Opening Ceremonies

Walk4Friendship 2017

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